Algarve wedding

Would you like to get married in Europe, and spend a day or more with great sunshine, romantic sunsets, fresh seafood, and lots of fun? You have found the right place: Algarve.  You may ask why, but how can you resist a place that has more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year, Michelin star restaurants, boutique hotels, villas, private beaches, casino shows, romantic boat trips, golf matches, diving, bird watching, dolphin watching, romantic chapels, decadent sweets, lovely pottery, outdoor dining, great views… do you need any other reason to get married in Algarve? Ok, we will give you a few more!

1. The calm breeze during your romantic dinner

Because of its excellent weather, you can schedule a romantic dinner, watch the sunset and just enjoy your food with your loved one. You can have this for your wedding or just for a special moment alone.

2. Great wedding planners

This is the place in Portugal where most destination weddings are celebrated, so you have a lot of vendors; especially wedding planners that can make your dream day come true, anyway you like. A good wedding planner is very important since it allows you to relax, and not deal with the most stressful aspects of planning a wedding, especially a wedding abroad, where all the legal documents and local vendors are completely unfamiliar. 

3. The romantic honeymoon

Can you imagine the walks on the beach, holding hands, watching the infinite sea on the top of a hill or cliffs that stand over the calm Atlantic Ocean?

4. Party all night long

Nightlife is a huge fun factor in Algarve. So if you want to have fun, like a wedding reception after party, you can always find a bar, club or other place that can embrace you and your wedding guests, even if it’s late at night.

5. A dream nuptial suite

Everyone desires a special place to spend their wedding night, and nothing could be better than waking up in paradise after the day you tie the knot. This Portuguese region has a lot of idyllic villas and special places where you can spend your honeymoon, and just enjoy the moment.

6. A SPA treat day

This is the perfect place for enjoying a SPA day, before or after you tie the knot, and pamper yourself like a princess. There are a lot of SPAs but since Roman times, there is a well known spa town in Algarve. At the Termas de Monchique you’ll find that the water has healing properties, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy an exfoliating treatment, a Celuli-Active Wrapping Up, or a relaxing massage. This SPA is located in an alternative region of Algarve – calm, rural and equally pleasant.

7. Great fun for you and your guests

From golf, casino, nightlife, chilling by the sea, boat trips, and walking trips, you can find it all, for your guests to experience unforgettable days. After the flight to your wedding day, they also deserve the best time of their lives. Algarve has not only the weather, but also the means that will make your stay a great one.

The Algarve is famous for its vibrant history, arts, traditions, friendly people and warm hospitality. The architecture is unique, the white houses and the sea as a background are idyllic, just like a dream postcard, a scene that you just can’t forget.

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