The best bridal gowns for a wedding in Portugal

If you wish to tie the knot in Portugal, you will need to decide if you want to get married in a civil ceremony or a religious one and, after that choice is made, you will have to decide when and where.

Portuguese religious wedding ceremonies are very common, especially catholic ones. Portugal has a very intricate catholic religious past, and you can see that past, just by visiting the country’s great churches, monasteries, chapels, etc. If you wish to have a catholic wedding, after you get the proper permissions, you have to decide, among other details, what you will wear on this fabulous day.

If you are choosing a civil ceremony, well, than you can have it all! Even the dress.

Dresses for a religious ceremony

In a religious ceremony you will have to be more modest and cover up a bit more. So, even if you are a sexy bride, you will have to restrain your style a little bit, at least during the ceremony.

You can have it all

This dress is a wonderful solution, for a bride that is modern, sexy, and wants a bit of class. In both examples, you can be more covered during the ceremony in the church and, during the reception, you can unleash you sex appeal!

Dress for a winter wedding

If you want to get married on a winter day, where the sun shines, but it’s a bit chilly, particularly in the northern part of the country, you better be prepared: get a bride’s dress that can contemplate a lovely woman, and a lovely time, without any of the cold.

Dresses for a civil ceremony

In a civil ceremony you can have it all, a classic dress, or an outrageously sexy dress, especially if you think your guests, your mother or your father won’t get upset. Nevertheless, you will have to take into consideration the weather conditions. If you are going to get married near the sea, avoid silk dresses, because it can be more susceptible to be spotted by the water.

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