Getting married in sunny Algarve

Algarve is, without a doubt, a unique place for a honeymoon, but it is equally special as a wedding destination. In the southern region of Portugal you’ll not only find great weather, but also an endless amount of places and details that can be used to celebrate a beautiful wedding. Here, you can dream of a beach wedding, but also plan a secluded villa wedding, a luxurious hotel wedding, a rural wedding, on a boat, under water… this region is sufficiently diverse so that you can tie the knot in the most exclusive way possible. Discover how to get married in Algarve and then add your own style and traditions…


The ceremony will always depend on what you want to include in your wedding but, in Algarve, an outdoor ceremony is always an excellent option, seeing as the wonderful weather is constant. Many wedding venues in Algarve have, in addition to the reception area, gardens and other stunning exterior spaces where the ceremony can be celebrated. If you’re planning a Catholic wedding, you can have the ceremony in a church or chapel, as long as you initiate and complete the necessary religious wedding process.


Whether you’re going for an intimate or large scale wedding, in Algarve there are reception venues for all wedding tastes and sizes! Here, variety is endless and extremely diversified. You can consider a huge hotel or a cozier one, an estate, a boat, a yacht club, a private or public garden, a beach or beach-front esplanade, an exclusive restaurant with an ocean view, a rustic venue in Algarve’s countryside or in a field of blooming almond trees – very typical in this area during the Spring.


Portugal’s Southern region, especially the coast, is renowned for its delicious fresh fish and seafood. And the truth is that there can’t be anything better than incorporating fresh fish into your wedding menu – all caterers will make sure that they get only the best for their clients. Since Algarve is a typical fishing zone, you’ll be able to get fresh fish and seafood for your wedding, year round.


If your wedding theme is a rustic and eco-friendly one, than wild and natural flowers such as Iberis ciliata, linaria, hyparrhenia, amaranthus, fumaria, anemone, andryala, armeria, achillea, cistanche, tuberaria and geranium are your best bet. However, there are also many local flowers that are oh so appropriate for an Algarve wedding: almond tree blossoms, bougainvilleas, aloe vera, succulents…


Algarve’s traditional music – “corridinho” – is extremely upbeat and fast moving, however, since the western concert flute and the accordion are the most popular instruments in local music, you can use them together or separately to interpret contemporary songs at the wedding reception or even during the ceremony.

Wedding cake

Traditional Algarve sweets can be easily incorporated into a local wedding. Angel hair and almond butter can substitute butter cream or sugar fondant and the latter is not only perfect for molding, but it is also tastier! The “ovos moles” filling (egg yolk and sugar), angel hair topping and anything almond are all local, conventional sweets that everyone will want to taste and that no one will forget.


Algarve enjoys one of the most stable climates in the world, with its temperate and inviting weather influenced by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, as well as its proximity to North Africa. Between May and August, temperatures can reach 30°C, however, coastal breezes tend to keep things cooler. Between March and October, the temperatures range between a pleasant 17°C and 19°C, always accompanied by plenty of sunshine. Between November and February, the weather remains moderate and mild with bright sunny days and temperatures hovering around 15°C.

What are you waiting for? Set the date for your beautiful Algarve wedding!

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