How to hire a wedding planner to organize a wedding in Portugal
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If you’re thinking of celebrating your wedding in Portugal, than congratulations, it will certainly be a dream day, in a dream location! However, if you’re thinking about a destination wedding in Portugal, the ideal way to go about organizing it, is to hire a wedding planner who can handle all the less fun details that go into planning a wedding.

Always keep in mind that a destination wedding could be a very low-cost option because the guest list is shortened, seeing as only very close family and friends will travel to attend the wedding. For couples who have relatives all over the world, a destination wedding can be a great idea because in terms of tourism, Portugal is a very accessible country, where you’ll find an excellent location for a dream wedding, as well as a dream holiday for you and your guests to enjoy – all at an affordable price.  Now, all you need is a wedding planner to set everything up!

How to choose the best wedding planner

The right wedding planner for your wedding is someone you can trust to stand up for your interests and someone who can solve all your problems. The person’s personality is extremely important – they should be someone who can listen and whose style and energy is compatible with your own.

Look for clues: did the wedding planner send you all the information they said they would and in the time frame agreed upon? Did the wedding planner listen carefully; did they ask you the right questions?

Always analyze photographs of events that the wedding planner has already organized and decide if they correspond to the type of event that you envision. If possible, speak to the wedding planner’s vendors and get their professional feedback.

If you can, also speak to other brides who have used the wedding planner’s services in the past and, if possible, speak to them directly, by phone, email, via Skype or even in person – there’s nothing like a direct conversation, where you can see the person’s face and really feel the vibe of the entire conversation.

Where do I find a wedding planner?

You can consult our list of well respected and experienced wedding planners or contact a hotel that is used to planning everything involved in a wedding.

What to expect from a wedding planner

A wedding planner should be able to easily communicate with you in terms of spoken/written language, they should fully comprehend your vision for the wedding and be able to deliver solutions that are a mirror image of that vision.

In terms of formalities, your wedding planner should have the resources necessary to deal with all legal issues, including the marriage license and organizing all the documents required to obtain it (in Portugal, habitual residence is not compulsory – only a marriage license, passports, birth certificates and matrimonial capacity certificates, both of which must be officially translated). If the wedding is going to include a religious ceremony, the wedding planner should also be capable of obtaining the necessary authorization for the celebration of a wedding in the place of choice.

Logistically speaking, a wedding planner should be able to present you solutions that are within your budget and that correspond to your initial wishes – solutions in terms of venues, catering, transportation, any other necessary logistics, as well as a practical and appropriate timeline of the wedding day.

If this is something you desire and this professional offers this kind of service, your wedding planner should be able to present ideas and solutions concerning themes and  concepts that not only fit in with your vision of the wedding, but also with your budget.

Financially speaking, a wedding planner should be able to present you with competitive prices, especially if there are a large number of guests involved. They should also be able to comfortably accommodate guests based on their/your budget.

Don’t forget…

A wedding planner should be able to negotiate great prices with the vendors they usually work with, in order to provide you with a great deal… even if that means upgrading services instead of getting a discount.

Normally, a wedding planner’s fee is already included in the final budget, but they may also present you with a unique fee for their services or bill you by the hour.

It is customary for wedding planner’s to charge 10% to 15% of the wedding’s budget – it depends on their experience, how much they can save by hiring certain vendors and the amount of work and detail that will go into planning this wedding.

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