The most romantic places for a photography shoot in Sintra

Sintra is one of the most romantic places in Portugal: you have the old castles and palaces that once were the home of princes and princesses, just like in Disney movies. You can also find gorgeous woods and amazing sea views, and even extraordinary beaches.

The tram

This is a beautiful romantic trip of 12 km between the sea and the village or vice-versa. The tram that goes from Apple Beach to Sintra old town, offers an amazing experience, a trip to the past, where your photographer will be able to capture great engagement, wedding or after-wedding shots.

Pena Palace and Park

Strauss once said about this place: “It looks like it came out of a fairytale, it pops off the green with its bright red and yellow colors". Pena Palace was the first romantic style palace in Europe. In its surrounding park, you’ll find exotic trees, native species, as well as various monuments. So, why not do a wonderful photo shoot right here?  

Azenhas de Mar and Correnteza Lookouts

Azenhas de Mar has a lookout where you can enjoy a great view over the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra coastline. You will also find a colorful scenario with little blue and white houses.

At the Correnteza lookout, you’ll be delighted with the great view of the Sintra village. It is situated in Colares, 14 km from Sintra’s historical center (Old Town).

Mouros Castle

This castle was once a sentry of Sintra’s mountain forests. Here you’ll come across a great background for wonderful pictures, which offers a view that stretches until the sea shore; meanwhile you and your fiancé can also take a walk on the castle walls.

Monserrat Palace

This palace and its exotic beauty, reminds us that eclectic old decor can be amazingly beautiful. Inside, you’ll find Indian chests, sarcophagus, statues, and other items of enormous historical value. The gardens are a remarkable and romantic creation of an English millionaire, Francis Cook – they are decorated with antiques collected on his exotic trips. Another cool place for a romantic photo shoot.

Ursa Beach

Praia da Ursa or Bear Beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sintra. With its rocky surroundings and the presence of a glorious sunset, you can definitely consider this beach a great spot for a stunning photo shoot.

Cape Roca

This is the most western point in Europe, where land ends and the sea begins. The view is magnificent, extending from the Roca lighthouse to Adraga beach. The cliffs are 140 meters above sea level and it is situated in Colares, 18 km from Sintra’s historical center. You can’t leave without snapping some pictures here!

Regaleira Palace and Gardens

Palácio da Regaleira (Regaleira Palace) and its beautiful surroundings is located near Sintra’s historical center. The palace is surrounded by lush gardens, lakes, grottoes, enigmatic constructions, gorgeous landscapes and many mysteries. Take a stroll around the exotic park and experience its spirituality… and make sure your photographer captures everything!

The Old Town

The Old Town is Sintra’s historical center: it is bordered by the North Palace Street and was built on the foothills of Sintra’s Mountain; extending between the National Palace, the former Royal Palace, and the Mountain. You can stroll through the village, enjoying its small streets, where you’ll surely find romantic spots and niches where photography can easily tell your own personal love story.

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