The most romantic places in Portugal
romantic places in Portugal

If you wish to visit Portugal, and make that trip a great romantic adventure, these are the most romantic places you must experience with your significant other. You can visit old monasteries, walk in the most lavish natural scenarios, feel the warm white sand under your feet, and steal a kiss from your love while watching a romantic day go by. Are you ready?


Chalet at the Condessa d'Edla Garden

The western part of the Pena Park is a very romantic garden, a refuge for a great love escape. Here you can find an exquisite cottage named Chalet Condessa d'Edla, built (1864-69) by King-Consort Ferdinand II and his second wife (Countess of Elda) in the Pena Park, within the Cultural Landscape of Sintra.

Pena National Palace

The Pena National Palace (Palácio Nacional daPena) is a romantic and romanticist palace located in Sintra’s natural park. This colorful palace rises from the heart of the surrounding green hills, and invites you to a romantic stroll.  This palace is also classified as UNESCO World Heritage. The gardens are amazingly romantic, and the views will take your breath away, almost as much as your love.


Quinta das Lágrimas

The origin of this estate is a bit uncertain. It is known that it once belonged to the Portuguese royal family. It was here that in the 14th century the most romantic Portuguese couple, Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro lived a forbidden love affair. Legend says that it was here that Inês cried for the last time, while being pierced by the daggers of the killers sent by King Afonso, Pedro’s father. Her blood still colors the stone-bed of the fountain that was born of her tears, the tears that gave the name to this romantic estate (in Portuguese, “tears” are “lágrimas”).

Alentejo Coast


Zambujeira offers a small blue and white village located along Alentejo’s western coast, an area shaped by various valleys, cliffs and faults, sprinkled by small blue beaches with clear fine sands. The Zambujeira coast is part of Alentejo’s Southwest Natural Park, including the various folding cliff tops and small beaches that line the coast. In addition to the central coastal beach of Zambujeira, the beaches of Alteirinhos, Nossa Senhora, Arquinha and Tonel are perfect for romantic couples looking for a romantic vacation. Enjoy!



Serralves is a cultural institution and one of the most important in Portugal. It includes a Contemporary Art Museum, a Park and a Villa, each one an example of contemporary architecture, Modernism, and Art Deco architecture.

Douro River

A trip down the river in a cruise ship, an eco boat, or even in a yacht, from Porto and along several points up the Douro valley can be the most romantic trip you have ever made.

The wine, the wine production activities, the unique scenery sculpted by the Douro River and its tributaries are highlights not to be missed.

The landscape offers you astonishing views of mountain and plateau, valleys and fluvial beaches of rare beauty.


S. Miguel

São Miguel Island is also referred to locally as "The Green Island". The scenario offers blue and green lakes, mountains with such amazing flora, not found anywhere else in the world. S. Miguel's stunning background offers the most pleasant awakening, imagine this: beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills, high mountains, green plains and blue Ocean. Can it get any better?


Santa Justa Lift

The Santa Justa Lift, also called the Carmo Lift, is located in the historical city of Lisbon, situated at the end of Rua de Santa Justa. The views of the city are overwhelming, and the height can make a lovers hug even more exceptional.

Calouste Gulbenkian Garden

The lawns have been tended to fit the natural landscape right up to the central lake. The stream inlets in the park are crossed by small bridges, and paths are well laid out, perfect for strolling around. Irises and waterside marginal are planted along the course of the streams. The foot paths through the gardens are very romantic, and you can always find a beautiful spot to kiss.


Buçaco Palace

The area around the Buçaco Palace was part of an old convent where the monks created a luxurious garden with many species of trees. The garden was supposed to represent Paradise on Earth. Can you imagine that?

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