P2F Atelier
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description of P2F Atelier

Located in Almada, P2F Atelier was launched with its very own concept and style when compared to the traditional wedding photography approach.

The basis of our work is photojournalism, where we aim to capture spontaneity and passion, without neglecting glamour, little details, a true aesthetic or sense of art.

In the context of an informal concept, we seek to make the bride and groom as relaxed as possible on their wedding day, but always with a goal in mind: photography and the author’s signature work. When you take a piece of work from Atelier P2F, we want it to be different, exclusive, original, basically we want it to be identified more as a piece of art than a mere photograph. For this reason, P2F Atelier is synonymous of love and dedication because, above all, we dedicate ourselves to each job and each couple as being completely unique.

Art is what we really do, in a very casual manner, we’re not just mere photographers... we pride ourselves in our signature photography where we combine old photography concepts with the new ideal of photojournalism.

We dare our brides and grooms to want something different, to see themselves within our concept of photography, to resist the cheap and common when the option we present is high quality and exclusive. Today, any guest with a bit of talent can take pictures and be a photojournalist. For this reason, P2F Atelier offers the magic, the dream and all the enchantment that surrounds the wedding, by creating and presenting signature photography.

That is the big difference, which sets us apart from all the others, we always want to give you something unique and exclusive.

operational area

  • Lisbon