Chalet at the Condessa d'Edla Garden

The western part of the Pena Park is a very romantic garden, a refuge for a great love escape. Here you can find an exquisite cottage named Chalet Condessa d'Edla, built (1864-69) by King-Consort Ferdinand II and his second wife (Countess of Elda) in the Pena Park, within the Cultural Landscape of Sintra.

Pena National Palace

The Pena National Palace (Palácio Nacional daPena) is a romantic and romanticist palace located in Sintra’s natural park. This colorful palace rises from the heart of the surrounding green hills, and invites you to a romantic stroll.  This palace is also classified as UNESCO World Heritage. The gardens are amazingly romantic, and the views will take your breath away, almost as much as your love.