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How much does the consular UK services in Portugal cost?

Whether you require a copy of a consular birth or death certificate; a notice of an intended marriage or civil partnership; or the issue of a Certificate of No Impediment, the cost is the same for any of the three services: €86.

How can a British couple celebrate a same sex wedding in Portugal?

The quickest way to start planning your same sex civil wedding ceremony in Portugal is to contact the Portuguese civil registration office closest to the place where you would like to wed. This is the easiest way to not only assure that you meet all the local requirements for the ceremony to go ahead, but to also be informed about the documents that are necessary to initiate the wedding process. In terms of documentation, you will generally need the following:

  • If you are a temporary resident in Portugal or a visitor, you must present a valid passport
  • If you are a British National residing permanently in Portugal, you must present a residence certificate, as well as a valid passport
  • You must present a full birth certificate issued in the previous 6 months and apostillised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Legalisation Office and translated into Portuguese
  • You must also present a Certificate of No Impediment
  • The Portuguese authorities may also require that a British National who has lived outside of Portugal during the last 12 months, present 4 witnesses who can vouch for their identity and good character
How can I obtain a Certificate of No Impediment if I am a British citizen who does not reside in Portugal?

To obtain your Certificate of No Impediment you should start by scheduling an appointment at your nearest British Consulate by e-mail. You will be asked to scan and send the following documents:

  • Passport data page
  • Long-form birth certificate
  • The Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) issued by the UK Registrar
  • A signed letter of authority, if you are being represented by a third party
  • You must also decide if your application will be personal or postal, so that a disclaimer letter and credit card payment authority form to sign and return can be sent

Once all the documents have been received, the Consulate will contact you via email. If you’ve chosen a personal application, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your appointment and to which you must bring the original UK-issued CNI, as well as the disclaimer letter.
If you’ve chosen a postal application, the Consulate will contact you via email, requesting that you send the original UK-issued CNI, as well as the signed disclaimer letter via post.
Once all the documents have been received, the Portuguese language CNI is issued and sent by registered post, together with the receipt, to the address you have indicated.

How can I celebrate an Anglican wedding ceremony in Portugal?

Although there are many Anglican churches in Lisbon, Oporto, Estoril, Algarve and Funchal, as well as a Scottish church in Lisbon, these are not licensed for marriages. However, once the legal civil marriage has occurred, a religious wedding ceremony may be arranged, so feel free to contact the appropriate church authority for more information.


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